About Us


We assume that you've clicked our "About Us" page because you want to know a little bit about who we are. We're so glad that you asked!

The simple, long-story-short answer: I, a 30-something, proud Jewish (& new-ish) mama, wanted something cute and fun to dress my kiddos in for Rosh Hashanah. SPOILER ALERT: I designed the outfits myself and it turns out they were a *HIT* ; Fast-forward --> said creations were offered to the masses.

Yes, it may sound simplistic. But seriously-- it 100% ties into our true mission: Offering something special for EVERY member of the Tribe.

The diversity of the Jewish people is incredible, and we are all so beautifully connected by our unique and special heritage. Whether you are Reform or frum, Orthodox or secular, Conservative or traditional, we strive to offer apparel that helps you best celebrate the Jew that you are.

To do this, we have combined our love of fresh, modern design with timeless cultural references and our own quirky sense of humor to create a style all our own.

We aim to offer an ever-growing selection of Jewish holiday & everyday apparel as diverse and unique as the people who rock it.


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